Commands list :

Commande Description Alias
s!pokemonEvery 20 minutes, you can capture a pokemon. (Premium bonus 18min)s!poke
s!hourlyEvery hour, you can redeem a small amount of pokedollars. (premium bonus +50%)s!hr
s!dailyEvery 24 hours, you can redeem a good amount of pokedollars. (premium bonus +100%)s!dl, s!da
s!pcAllows you to see a Pokemon you've captured, in your pc.
S!pc --name {pokemon} to search for a pokemon with its name
S!pc {type} (n/sh/leg/legsh/mega/megash) To search for a pokemon with its type.
s!gift @mentionAllows you to give p$ to the user of your choice. (No taxes for premium users)s!gift
s!pokedex {type}Allows you to see the pokemons you miss.s!dex
s!eventCommand concerning the events organized on the Bot.
s!lotterys!lottery, s!ticket
s!profile {@mention}Displays your profile or the one of the user you've mentioned.s!p
s!shopDisplays a shop allowing you to buy pokemons
s!spinBuy a spin for 300p$ and you will maybe get more p$. (250p$ for premium users)s!sp
s!topDisplays a top list of users of the category you requested.